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# Monday, December 23, 2019

Is this blog still alive ?

Well, after more than 3 years of inactivity, it is a legitimate question.

In these last 3 years many things happened as one can imagine, also within the Atos organization in Switzerland (the one I am working for, in case this wasn't yet known).

As such, following the possibilities of growth in the company, I have been involved in projects and initiatives much more important in size than I used to. This made me diversify once again my focus on other technologies.

A first example is that I have recently been accepted as a member of the Atos Expert Community for the Cloud Platform domain. To summarize, the Atos Expert Community is a network of more than 2'700 experts around the world on 13 domains. They focus on innovation and experiments in their technology area. The activities of this network can be followed on Twitter by using the hashtag #YourExpert

Another important example, I got very recently certified Google Cloud Platform Professional Architect, And I will make a specific post on this to explain the ways I prepared for the exam shortly

In parallel, I also gained substantial knowledge on Amazon AWS. These activities on such different platforms completed the knowledge I already had on the Microsoft Azure one, which is not only interesting but also important when proposing Cloud solutions to the clients. Simply because the price of the cloud services is not the only driver when selecting one provider or another and knowing the benefits or challenges of the 3 main players in the Cloud is an important asset.

It was already visible in the last post, artificial intelligence and machine learning took more space in my areas on interest, therefore more content about these themes will come on the blog too.

A as consequence, there will be less SharePoint related posts (this was already the case before this 3-years "break"), and more cloud and architecture subjects.

I also intend to share more frequently little posts on what I found interesting or the experiments I made during a week, that we could name #WhatILearnedThisWeek. The goal is to not give an in-depth opinion or explanation of a topic or a technology, but rather give a quick overview of it.

On a totally non-technical perspective, I continue working on the public speaking activities and the most recent example was my participation to the Swiss Travel Management Forum where I had the pleasure to explain the importance of artificial intelligence for the business travel.

In addition, this is new, I will share some on the modern workplace topic. In this area, I intend to share more of my thoughts about remote working, ways of working (remotely or not) and the technologies that help being efficient at work.

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