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# Monday, September 10, 2007

It is now since 1 year or so I bought a Qtek 9100 and at this period I configured it for the Wap and the Web but since this time, I completely lost the configuration. I never tried to connect to the internet with this device, except using the Wifi at home or at the office, the prices for internet mobile are still high here in Switzerland.

But last week I wanted to give it one more try but I was completely unable to connect either to internet or to the Swisscom Wap portal. After 30 minutes with the technical support, we finally found where was the problem for Internet, but not for the Wap. I found, here, why, just by chance. In fact, in the proxy settings, normally you should set the address to according to the documentation. Unfortunately, it seems that the Qtek badly interprets the last three digits. Indeed, if you replace the 001 by just 1, miracle, it works.

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