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# Monday, November 10, 2008

<Disclaimer>This is personal notes of what I retained during the session. This can be incomplete, partially right or wrong. It is just  part of the notes I took and what retained my attention. Nothing prevents the user to get more information on their favorite web site.</Disclaimer>
While waiting for the keynote, the VJs Loomis & Jones performed their show using visual effets and music with quite a success. This was a good way to make us waiting for the keynote to start.
The keynote started with a little speech of Pierre Lautaud, Microsoft Western Europe VP, who introduced the very first speaker of the TechEd : Jason Zander, General Manager of the Visual Studio team at Microsoft.
He started by telling that while at the PDC the focus was on the Azur and Cloud computing announcements, the TechEd would focus on Visual Studio and their language. At the same time, Jason and Microsoft announce Visual Studio 2010. The next version of VS is based on 4 pillars :
What the code is doing ?
Office business application
C++ empowerment
Regarding the first pillar, Jason argues that today teams are moving very fast. They have to produce more code in less time (budget) while their members are leaving and joining. Microsoft released VS 2008 to help us, but 2010 will give us even more possibilities to achieve these targets. As an example, with vS 2010 it is possible to extract the dependency diagram of assemblies or the sequence diagram in UML 2.1.1. These diagrams, by the mean of add-ins, can be embedded in the source code editor window in VS. Along this first demo, he shows us that VS 2010 is now written using WPF.
By selecting a part of a code, it is possible to see the history of that code part (who modified what and when).
While writing code during one of his demo, he showed us that the code snippet has been improved and that it is just sufficient to type "table" in an .aspx page to get the full HTML code for that table appearing. Amazing !
Oh, and, by the way..... the underscore in Visual Basic can be omitted ! Isn't that nice ?

The problem with testing is that the testers say "It does not work" while on the other side, the developer says "It works on my machine, you're wrong". The issue is the reproducability of the bugs. Microsoft is working on a new application with the codename "Camano" which is more or less a testing center. It is then possible for the testers to follow a scenario, checking for the success of the tests and, when encountering a bug, to submit it to Team Foundation Server. Along with the bug, the stack trace of the current situation, the machine configuration but also a video in the WMV format is posted in TFS allowing the developer to reproduce the problem and also to see the manipulation of the tester. Great !
With the Lab Mangement, through TFA, it is possible now to define virtual machine templates that can be deployed and used by the testers.

Jason demostrated also that a new server explorer has been added to VS : the SharePoint explorer, with some deep features support, such as the WSP or event handlers. What I am just wondering here is if it is not the end of the SharePoint designed. Why still having this application whereas all of its features will be in VS 2010 (WYSIWYG edtion, list, doc lib, etc) ?

On the packaging side, it will be possible to define transformation for the configuration files, such as web.config. It will allows the developer to avoid having a tracing flag active on the production servers.

On the C++ support, some new features are announced, such as the MFC ribbon and the multicore extensions.

Finally, the support of multi touch is implemented, coming from the Microsoft Surface developments.

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