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Speaker : Cathy Dew

Responsive web design reacts to screen size and orientation. Adaptive web design adjusts the content in the design. Usually, for SharePoint, she starts with 3 different breakpoints : 1024px, 768px and 320px.

Don't try to make mysites responsive !

Design Manager is not good for intranets (lists, etc). Usually, responsive design is deployed on-premise through a full-trust solution, while on Office 365, it is not possible.

Responsive design implementation is based on grids. So, using grid based layouts. Also, this grid will be flexible.

The key is to make everything flexible, such as images that can resize. But, there are some limitations with IE7 and lower.

Media queries are based on media types defined by the w3c. A media query targets a device based on screen resolution and orientation. Ensure the navigation consistency, which becomes more and more important as the device gets smaller. In SharePoint, there are the top, left and breadcrumb navigation. How is there are going to be translated on the devices ? For example, the quick navigation may disappear if the screen is not big enough. What to do with the ribbon ? Maybe it is not needed on a smartphone, but required on a desktop.

Start from the smartphone version.

Step one, the wireframes to separate design from functionalities and not focus on little design details. Also, decide how content will be displayed (not design). The wireframes already have the grid in overlay to help the transition to the mockups. The most important content must be above the scroll level, especially on mobile devices, to avoid to have to scroll down to reach content.

Wireframe tools : Balsamiq, Visio, Adobe Creative Suite and Axure

From the wireframes, create the mockups, with the grids in the background. Also for the different screen resolutions. The SharePoint elements must be clearly identified, especially if the mockups are handed over to a development team in order to avoid them having to guess what they are. Developing design for Office 365 is working with a moving target.


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