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# Thursday, November 13, 2008

<Disclaimer>This is personal notes of what I retained during the session. This can be incomplete, partially right or wrong. It is just  part of the notes I took and what retained my attention. Nothing prevents the user to get more information on their favorite web site.</Disclaimer>

Mike Flasco starts by executing an application that downloads the slides from the cloud.....
The goal of the presentation is to explain what are the Data Services proposed by Microsoft in the Cloud. With Data Services, not only the entities are stored, but also the relationships as links. Moreover, it directly supports the paging or direct query.
The HTTP verb controls the operations done on the data : GET for SELECT, POST for INSERT and DELETE for....DELETE.
It means that every resources is accessible through a URI.
to setup a model in Data Services you need :
1.- Create the data model in Visual Studio, generating a edmx file
2.- Create a .svc service inheriting from DataService<DataModel>
3.- Setting the access rights
4.- Call the service => That's it !
Entity exposition can be set per entity (read only, read/write, all)
In order to support row level security, it is possible to implement interceptors that are executed before the GET, PUT, etc.
When doing a LINQ request, under the cover, it sends a URI request to the Data Services and the same thing happens then we use the object model.

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