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# Thursday, November 15, 2012

Speaker : Eric Shupps

The SP2013 model still has sites, content, services API, but has now Apps with package, HTML/JS (or other technology) and data. In order for an App to be authorized in SharePoint, it uses OAuth.

Autohosted App model enables SharePoint to automatically deploy the package on Azure. Be careful of the limitations of this model. In Visual Studio, when creating an App for SharePoint, it actually creates two project : the App project and the SharePoint project. The App project is the entity that will be deployed. You can only deploy using Visual Studio in a developer template SharePoint site. A ToketHelper.cs file is automatically created in the VS solution to deal with all the token-related operations and authorization. It is used to get the client context.

An App can consume SQL data using WCF/JSON/XML, SharePoint data using OAuth/REST/CSOM or Office data using HTML/XML.

He wrote a WCF “proxy” that interfaces with the SQL database and serialize/deserialize the data in JSON for consumption from Javascript.

Javascript is the language to use when dealing with Office data.

To get the data, App Web REST API has to be called. Be sure to deploy a SharePoint artifact, otherwise no App Web will be created. It is easy to add the Chrome look-and-feel, by using a bit of Javascript.

SQL Azure database tables must have a primary key before deploying it. Azure Virtual Machines have 5 different sizes : XS/S/M/L/ML . They have persistent storage, virtual networking. Web Role is an Azure VM. It can be shared or reserved, 3rd party assemblies can be deployed, TFS/GIT//Web Deploy are also available. Azure Web Sites are free, only contains default asemblies (i.e. WIF is not there and can’t be deployed), TFS/GIT/Web Deploy is also available.

SharePoint Apps only uses HTTPS.

Office 365 Apps only uses HTTPS and needs a unique App ID. In order to “F5” deploy, it has to be a developer template site. Publishing to the Office Store requires an App & Package validation. The Office Store is public, whereas the App catalog is private, and therefore does not require validation or licensing.

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