Microsoft lost its key !

In May and for a couple of month, Microsoft saw a token-theft attack impacting its email services.
This was caused by an expired private key that leaked and had fallen in the hand of the storm-0558 group who take advantage to get access to email accounts of an FCEB agency working for the US government

I moved….

Some History This website, and the blog, has been online since 2002 !Yes, 21 years that the domain was registered, and the website and the blog with it available online.The very first version of it was built on some home-made CMS, that was barely working and really...

Privacy Icons aims at personal data handling transparency

3 days ago, an association of several of big Swiss companies, Migros, Swisscom, SBB-CFF or Credit Suisse presented the outcomes of a joint project helping the consumers to understand the processing purpose of their personal data they could give to these companies. It...

PDF Forms Processing with Microsoft AI Builder – Part 2

In the previous post, we saw how to create and train a Form Processing model, a tool released in preview last June and available in the AI Builder box of Power Automate. In this second post, we are going to use that model in a Flow, so that it will take files from a...

PDF Forms Processing with Microsoft AI Builder – Part 1

Last June, Microsoft introduced AI Builder, which is an artificial platform that can be integrated in a Power Platform low-code application. It is still in preview, and since that day, I wanted to give it a try and find an interesting use case to test these new...

Setting the local draft folder for Open Live Writer

The 9th of december last year (announcements on Scott Hanselman blog and the .NET foundation), Windows Live Writer became Open Live Writer and at the same time became open source through the .NET Foundation. For different licensing and complexity hurdles, several...

Error when opening Zachman Framework Example model in EA

After the install of the Zachman Framework MDG Add-in for Sparx Enterprise Architect, there is an issue when we want to open the provided sample, ZF Example. EA complains that it "couldn't lock file". One way to successfully open this file is to run EA as an...

How to get the ID of a SharePoint Term without code

Recently, I had several times the request to get the GUID of a term in a SharePoint Term Store. And, unless you have access to the package that deployed the terms, you need to use PowerShell or write a quick console app to get them. Unfortunately, I didn't have access...

2015 : A Year of Changes

It's been quite a while, but no, this blog is not dead. Indeed, the last post was written at the last SharePoint Conference, which was a great one, once again. From that time, a lot have evolved, being in the community, the approach adopted by Microsoft regarding...

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